Family Law Specialists

Family Law Specialist

The Specialisation Board of the Law Institute of Victoria, Australia certifies that Charles Beckwith is accredited as a specialist in Family Law.

What is an Accredited Specialist?

The Specialisation Scheme helps consumers find solicitors who have demonstrated their ability and experience in specialised fields of law.

Family Law

To become accredited by the Specialisation Board of the Law Institute of Victoria, a solicitor must be able to demonstrate ability and experience in Family Law.

A solicitor who seeks accreditation as a Specialist in Family Law is required to pass a written examination which tests knowledge of Family Law.

It covers such thing as:

  • Counselling
  • Divorce Procedures
  • Maintenance
  • Property Settlements
  • Care Arrangements of children
  • Court Jurisdiction
  • Pensions and Social Security
  • Domestic Violence
  • Legal Aid
  • Costs
  • Taxation
  • Welfare of Children
  • De Facto Relationships